Mark Lanegan illustration by Chris O'Neal

Mark Lanegan

"How a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven might appear" drawing by Chris O'Neal

How a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven might appear

Lam drawing by Chris O'Neal


Sheer Mag illustration by Chris O'Neal

Sheer Mag

Marsha Zazula illustration by Chris O'Neal

Marsha Zazula, co-founder of Megaforce Records

House Of Terror illustration by Chris O'Neal

Mitsue Suzuki as The Spiritualist in “House of Terrors” (1965)

Yuen Wah illustration by Chris O'Neal

Yuen Wah as the Vietcong Giggling General in “Eastern Condors” (東方禿鷹)

Magical Cat painting by Chris O'Neal

Magical Cat

Hank a French Bulldog Painting by Chris O'Neal

Hank, a french bulldog

Florian Schneider Illustration by Chris O'Neal

I was honored to pay tribute to multi-instrumentalist Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider-Esleben for FOD 2020.

I was first introduced to Kraftwerk, the same way I was to so many other important artists, working at the Imaging Center at Pratt Institute. They still sound utterly unique and futuristic and are better than The Beatles.

Florian Schneider