R.A.R. (Royalty Data Analytics and Reporting) design by Chris O'Neal

R.A.R. (Royalty Data Analytics and Reporting)

Mummy drawing by Chris O'Neal

Egyptian Mummy

Halloween 2021 drawing by Chris O'Neal

Halloween 2021

Marsha Zazula illustration by Chris O'Neal

Marsha Zazula, co-founder of Megaforce Records

House Of Terror illustration by Chris O'Neal

Mitsue Suzuki as The Spiritualist in “House of Terrors” (1965)

The Incredible Melting Man illustration by Chris O'Neal

Alex Rebar as Colonel Steve West in “The Incredible Melting Man”

Yuen Wah illustration by Chris O'Neal

Yuen Wah as the Vietcong Giggling General in “Eastern Condors” (東方禿鷹)

"Where Am I?" comic by Chris O’Neal

An ongoing visual story on instagram.com/whereamicomic

Where Am I? – digital

Hooded Menace illustration by Chris O’Neal

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Hooded Menace – Blind Savages

"Quarantine self portrait 5" painting by Chris O’Neal

Quarantine self portrait 5